Filed Map Certifications

Filed Map Certifications

At Gold Coast Title, we provide Filed Map Certification Services to ensure the accuracy and legality of property maps filed with local government authorities. Our service is essential for developers, builders, and property owners involved in land development, subdivision, or property transactions.

Service Features:

  • Map Verification: We conduct a thorough review of the filed map to verify its accuracy and compliance with local zoning and land use regulations.
  • Certification Process: Our team coordinates with the appropriate governmental agencies to obtain official certification of the filed map, confirming its legal status and validity.
  • Boundary Analysis: We provide a detailed analysis of property boundaries, easements, and rights-of-way as depicted on the filed map, ensuring clarity and precision.
  • Document Preparation: We assist in preparing and submitting all necessary documentation required for map certification, streamlining the process for our clients.
  • Expert Consultation: Our experts are available to provide guidance on any issues related to the filed map, including potential discrepancies or required amendments.


  • Ensure the legal validity of filed maps, which is crucial for property transactions, development projects, and land use planning.
  • Avoid potential disputes or legal challenges by verifying the accuracy and compliance of property maps with local regulations.
  • Facilitate smooth and efficient property transactions by providing certified maps that are recognized by government authorities and financial institutions.

For more information or to request our Filed Map Certification Service, please contact Gold Coast Title at (631)545-0020 or by filling our online form.

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